On-air studios is a leading Egyptian organization established in 2010 in Cairo, devoted to follow the newest training techniques and employ experts with extensive media experiences in journalism & television. Offering many initiatives, projects, arrangements and partnerships with different media organizations, universities and educational academies both on Arab and international levels.

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Our Services

  1. Media Educational services (Mini-Master, international diplomas, full media diplomas and short courses).

  2. Specialized Tolerated Media Training programs based on our clients' requirements.

  3. Media Counseling services.

  4. Media Production ( T.V, Radio, Social Media and printed media).

  5. Planning and Executing Advertising campaigns, Conferences and Exhibitions

Some of our partners we've had the pleasure to work with

Our Achievements

Cairo forum for Media and Investment 6 Consecutive cycles.

Plan and Execute Arab Forum for Media and Investment.

Arab Media Summit 2017

Execute  more than 40  Media workshops in cooperation with TV channels ,media colleges and institutes specialized in media

Train more than 500 trainees in media sector covering various disciplines of television, digital journalism, printed journalism,  TV media contents ,sports media and  radio.

Execute more than two training programs "Media Expert Diploma" covering various media sectors disciplines for more than 150 professionally qualified graduates.

Conducting more than 10,000  training hours of  media training, divided into workshops, training courses and diplomas, covering all areas of media disciplines

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