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By the end of studying program the student will gain the following skills:

  1. Finding and telling stories
  2. Interviewing skills and techniques 
  3. How to develop stories
  4. An introduction to data journalism
  5. Audience analytics
  6. Creative and original research.
  7. Standards in journalism; integrity and propriety.
  8. The impact of journalism on individuals.
  9. General reporting; defamation and contempt; copyright; privacy.
  10. Public affairs for journalists.
  11. Broadcast journalism.
  12. Business and economic  journalism
  13. Media; writing for digital platforms, including video and mobile 
  14. The use of social journalism
  15. Research Methods in Mass Communication
  16. Electronic Newsgathering.
  17. Professional and Technical Writing (for Arabic Broadcasting


  1. Accredited certificates
  2. 6 sessions ( Friday and Saturday) / 6hours per session 

Who Can Join Us ?

University graduates and  existing media  professionals

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