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By the end of studying program the student will gain the following skills:

  1. Voice Over
  2. Rhythm of speech, Breathing, Resonance,
  3. VO for  radio commercials
  4. Radio Presenter: Radio Presenting,
  5. Scripting and  Mic Technique
  6. Recording the voice
  7. Radio News Reading
  8. the basics of fluency, Voice: pitch/tone/intonation/inflection
  9. Duties and responsibilities
  10. Understanding the news scripts and news agenda
  11. News Writing: The first rules of journalism, 
  12. Local and national radio newsrooms
  13. The basics of writing for radio,
  14. Understanding the Story
  15. Making & adding effective promo and jingles for radio, 
  16. Talk Show Host - Talk Radio & Presenting phone ins


  1. Accredited certificates
  2. 6 sessions ( Friday and Saturday) / 6hours per session 

Who Can Join Us ?

Who preparing to be a professional trainer and who does a bit of training as a part of their job

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