By the end of studying program the student will gain the following skills:
  1.  Presenting to camera basics
  2. TV Presenting Tips & Techniques
  3. Autocue/Teleprompter Training
  4. Vocal Delivery
  5. Approach To The Perfect Presentation
  6. Interview/ Screen test Technique
  7. Script Writing
  8. Talk Back, Earpiece Training
  9. Live & Interactive Presenter Tuition
  10. TV News Presenting Tips & Techniques
  11. Examples of anchors work and detailed analysis of their styles
  12. On-air Essentials
  13. A guide on how to write presenter scripts for TV
  14. The emotional stability for T.V presenter 
  15. Professional Arabic Reading skills 
  16. Dress code 


  1. Accredited certificates
  2. 6 sessions ( Friday and Saturday) / 6hours per session 
  3. Full Career Guidance & Job Leads

Who Can Join Us ?

University graduates and  existing media  professionals

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