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About us

  1. Media experts club is a media, social and cultural club. It's one of On Air Studios' non-profit projects.

    Media Experts Club is gathering the senior media experts, the academics and the media super stars in Egypt and the Arab World with all students and graduates from media division and media colleges in all the universities in Egypt in addition to the graduated students from On Air Studios Academy.

    The Media Experts club is established for the aim of creating a new generation of young journalists who are aware and conscious of the media concept and its importance.

Our Targets

Our Activities

1- Enhancing the experience exchange between experts and youth in media sector.  
2- Promoting the media concept and its important role in spreading the social awareness.
3- Increase the creativity range for youth journalists.
4- Enhancing the cultural and social sides for the youth journalists. 

  • Conducting seminars and discussion sessions periodically with senior journalists and academics.
  • Hosting community's stars and entrepreneurs.
  • Organizing camps and media activities.
  • Providing training workshops in various media disciplines.
  • Supporting and producing media projects for the club's members.
  • Organizing visits to various media organizations in Egypt
Media Experts Club Membership Advantages

1- Attend conferences, exhibitions and all activities led by On Air Studios Company.
2- Direct communication with senior journalists and academics, which helps to transfer their   expertise and experience to attendees.
3- Empower ideas and increase the creative area through seminars and symposiums.
4- Develop the working skills in media sector through training workshops.
5- Identify the media industry closely, by visiting media organizations.  

Membership Entitled to the following:
  1. On Air Studios Academy graduates.
  2. All students and graduates in Media division and Media colleges in the governmental and private universities in Egypt.
Membership Subscription Requirements:

1- Filling up the online subscription format
2- Copy of the National ID.
3- Personal Photo with a white background
4- Copy of University ID (for the Students).
5- Copy of Graduation certificate (for graduates)

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