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By the end of studying the studying program the student will be able to gain the following skills

  1. principles of the  media economics  and the impact of social 
    and technological change.
  2. planning and management of various media organizations.
  3. Digital Media
  4. visual media "T.V"
  5. Radio broadcasting 
  6. Printed press
  7. Media code of ethics and occupational safety rules
  8. Research methods , documentation and media content.
  9. public relations, "the official speaker - media consultant "
  10. Arabic Language for Media and The art of diction
  11. English for media.
  12. The appearing  rules in the specialized  media. 
  13. Train of the Trainers in media ( TOT).
  14. Etiquette skills in media and body language.
  15. One man crew
  16. Quality Management in media institutions
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Studying Plan and final Test

  1. 10 Months Studying Program. (2 days a week, 6Hours a day divided in to 3 sessions" 
  2. 600 Training Hours divided in to (4months theoretical part "250 Hours" and 6 months practical Part "350 Hours)
  3. Exclusive T.V program for our students and presented on A-class channels.
  4. 8 studying Subjects divided in to "4 selective subjects including one major and 4 obligatory subjects"
  5. The Obligatory 4 subjects are :
      -  Arabic Language for Media and The art of diction
      -  Media code of ethics and occupational safety rules
      -  Etiquette skills in media and body language
      -  English for media.
  6. Final Exam covering the studied subjects  " The student will be elegible to have the exam only if his  attendance is more than 75%  " 
  7. Graduation Project " T.V program 
  8. Journalist article to be published in newspaper or web site


  1. Accredited certificates
  2. The Ministry of Higher education 
  3. On Air Studios 

Other objectives

  1. Recruitment office services for our graduates. 
  2. Ceremony for our students. 

Who Can Join Us ?

  •  University graduates and Existing media professionals 
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