ON Air Studios Association Presents For the first time in the media training sector in the Arab World

By the end of studying program the student will gain the following skills:

  1.  Behavior control in front of the camera
  2. Ability to manage the live broadcast
  3. Ability to conduct live discussions
  4. Ability to control interview techniques, and re-initiate dialogue
  5. Ability to manage bumbling cases, and control them on air
  6. Talk time management
  7. Ability to manage accidents that pop up on live broadcast
  8. Voice performance and linguistic adjustment
  9. Art of conducting a TV interview
  10. Body language skills
  11. TV dialogue management 
  12. Discussion issue
  13. Common mistakes in TV presenting


5 DAYS/ WEEK / 5 hours a day plus two days tourist tour in Paris.

Our Instructors

  1. George Kerdahy – great Arabic media practitioner 
  2. Dr Amr Al-kahky – Egyptian media    practitioner 
  3. Aziza Sibaha – French media practitioner 
  4. Nabil Al-azn - theater director (specialized in the body language training for TV presenters in France 


  1. Practical live training inside the Arabic and French France 24 channels’ studios 
  2. Training on the latest training techniques in the world 
  3. Gaining field work experience from the greatest Arabic and French media 
  4. Exclusive T.V Show at France24 for our trainee


  1. France 24 Academy      
  2. Radio France International (RFI)
  3. Monte Carlo Radio. 
  4. On Air Studios association
  5. French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  6. EGYPTIAN Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Who Can Join Us ?

University graduates and existing media professionals

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