• How to recognize, define, and research a theme that will ultimately become a movie’s subject.
  • The equipment that filmmakers must either own or rent for shooting and editing.
  • Journalistic and production processes required for identifying locations and interviewing subjects.
  • Funding and budgeting
  • Pre-production
  • Shooting
  • Editing and post-production
  • Publicity and Distribution.

Course Duration

This course is 25 studying hours 3 sessions per week 

Short Summery about our Instructor:
Amir Ramses Egyptian film director and writer, studied filmmaking at the higher institute of cinema , academy of arts Egypt in 2000 , worked as assistant director for 5 years with the Egyptian internationally acclaimed director Youssef Chahine in “silence we are shooting “ , “11 09 01” and “Alexandria Newyork”.He directed many short films , documentaries and features , wrote one novel “song of songs” published in 2010 .. worked for 2 years as artistic director for cinemobile film festival Egypt and was chosen as jury member in many national and international film festivals such as : Jury president for Youssef Chahine film festival 2012 , jury president for the second edition of Alexandria short film festival 2016 , jury member in Luxor African film festival 2014 and Tripoli international film festival 2016 , his films won many national and international awards and were selected for many festivals. As well as he is the artistic director of El Gouna Film Festival


  • 2015 Khanat el-Yak
  • 2014 Cairo Time
  • 2014 Jews of Egypt: The End of a Journey
  • 2013 Jews of Egypt
  • 2012 Salon Shehrazade(TV Mini-Series)
  • 2008 War2et Shafra
  • 2007 Kashf hesab
  • 2006 Akher eldonia


  • 2014 Cairo Time
  • 2014 Jews of Egypt: The End of a Journey.
  • 2013Jews of Egypt.