Our Train of the Trainers course is helping you to feel confident about presenting messages clearly and compellingly to target audiences. Know how to provide your trainee the skills to help them deliver, engaging, compelling workshop, managing topics and give them what they require to become a trainer themselves. The trainee will understand that training is a process where skills, knowledge, and attitudes are applied in a unique way. 

By the end of studying program the student will gain the following skills:
  1. Examination of the psychology of how adults learn
  2. An introduction to training needs analysis
  3. Training & Development 
  4. Learning Outcomes 
  5. Learner Profiles 
  6. The Learning Process 
  7. Training Program Preparation
  8. Communication, Feedback & Interpersonal Skills
  9. Classroom & Presentation Skills
  10. Training Methods 
  11. Statutory Compliance Issues  
  12. Evaluation & Assessment Method


  1. Accredited certificates
  2. 6 sessions ( Friday and Saturday) / 6hours per session 

Who Can Join Us ?

Who preparing to be a professional trainer and who does a bit of training as a part of their job

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